Travel Experience

In 2019 year we can make an exciting trip. 

I am going briefly to tell you that,  I'll be happy to experience international trips and be your special secret companion. 

I offer an exciting escape for a respectable gentleman. I plan to travel in 2019 and if you are interested, if you are a man open for a new acquaintance with a blonde Russian girl, write me your idea.


I am also very happy, and even more to travel with a friend I already know.


Please, note that I do not travel without certain guarantees. If I do not like the terms of the meeting, I refuse. Moreover, I do not ask for a deposit, if I consider your offer not relevant to me.


 I prefer to have that incredible and exciting deal, only with people who trust in my good personality.I can say that I already have made several wonderful trips to those people who had no problem to send me a small down payment and provide me a comfortable arrival and return, accommodation, and security. 



Travel internationally. Europe distanation ( the viza is ready).


Just Weekend                                                       $1500 

Four days                                                              $2000.

One week                                                               $3000.


Required deposit 30% +tickets both way, only hotel accommodation!




Write me a travel request included travels dates, places ( cities, country), duration, information about yourself and ideas about your wishes and activities.